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Lure fishing accessories: staple, texan hook

Lure fishing accessories for better fishing in all conditions! The most important thing for successful lure fishing is to analyse the environment you're in.

What shape and size of hook should you choose? Texan or drop shot? 

To begin this sometimes complex choice, it is important to take into account the turbidity of the water (clear or choppy). Carnivores get used to their environment and are triggered by an aggressive reflex at their hunting or often resting spot.

For this reason, the lure approach should sometimes adopt the "trigger" side, using flashy colours, sometimes even in clear water. On the other hand, there are times when a more delicate approach is required, known as "finesse fishing". To do this, you start by adapting the colour of your lure to the colour of the water, as well as reducing the size of your accessories, such as a Texas hook or the colour of your sinker.

All these little details that don't seem like much make all the difference in extreme fishing conditions when faced with inactive fish or on routes with high fishing pressure.

For all these reasons, you need to optimize your approach with quality lure fishing accessories that won't let you down when faced with big fish (pike, zander, perch, black-bass).

If you're going to fish in areas where there's a high risk of getting hooked (congested areas), you'll want to consider using a Texan hook! There is no better solution than this type of hook to make the most of areas of grass and other submerged trees where large predators are posted.

There are different shapes and sizes of Texan hooks which must be compatible with the soft lure used.

Finally, there are worm hooks and wide gap hooks, so make the right choice!

Other lure fishing tools: what are they? 

First of all, when it comes to lure fishing, as we all know, some beginners are often lost among the plethora of lure fishing references on the market. Our policy is to offer you a smaller choice of quality lures that will enable you to deal calmly with any big fish that come along for the ride!

This happens much more often than you might think because of the way predators are trained on the most commonly used lures.

When it comes to lure fishing, the lure clip is an essential element for quickly "fanning out" the different models in your collection.

These suggestions, which need to be made quickly, allow you to quickly analyse the type of lure model, colour and size corresponding to the mood of the predators at the time of fishing.

Another type of accessory in the hook family is called an assist hook. Originally developed for sea jigging, they have recently made their appearance in freshwater lure fishing.

Complementary to the classic single hook, they provide a reliable bite for the fish and greatly reduce the number of injuries caused during a fight with a treble hook.

Finally, other accessories will be added to our range in the hope of meeting your requirements in terms of quality.