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The best fishing lure

best fishing lure

The best fishing lure

What is the best fishing lure? Fishermen looking at their tackle wonder and hesitate sometimes what to tie on their line. Leave the live baits and set treble-hooked lures for catching fish. Even if most people are fishing for bass, there are plenty types of lures that allows you to catch many fish.

best fishing lure soft swimbait sinking musky pike Artificial lures is the new way of catching predator species and more specifically targets them anywhere at any time. This article explains which artificial lure is the best between soft lures and hard lures. Most specifically it also describes at which water column do these lures work and which fish species it targets. Also, these lures must be adapted to the best rod tips in order to fish effectively and gain the best experience.

The best fishing lure: Which rod to use?

Firstly, before using any lure, the fisherman must be aware that each rod has its own specifications that need to be checked before fishing. Before fishing with artificial lures, there are different rods to use between soft plastic lures, hard lures and topwater lures.

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A fast action rod suits very well for the use of soft baits, plastic worms and top water lures. Its sensitive tip allows to work these lures at their best, permits great control of the line and to set the hook quickly. Concerning hard lures a slower action is required as it strongly pulls on the arm while working in the water.

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For example, a crankbait rod has a slower action as it goes lower in the water column and pulls very much. If you use lures over 7 inches long, a regular fast action will help you keep the control on the line without being exhausted. If bladed lures are necessary to use, a regular fast action is the best fit to cast and retrieve these lures. Don’t forget to use a long rod if you fish from the shore. It is important to choose the rod according to the lures you are using.

The best fishing lure: Which soft bait?

On the fishing market, there are a lot of lures for bass that also worked for any predator. The most used is the paddle tail shad which has a wobbling action in the water and attracts nearly all the predators that pass by. They can simply not resist having a bite. From 2 inches to 12 inches, it targets the smallest fish such as perch and trout, And also catches bigger predators like pike, catfish and even bigger. It is the real advantage to be used for cast and retrieve, drop shot or vertical fishing.

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Then comes the twist, a curved tail shad that produces slighter vibrations. Thus, very effective for Pikes and catfish. Finally, another soft bait that is less used but should not be underestimated is the finesse shad. It does have a V tail tip and doesn't look to swim in the water. However, be careful, they are very effective in overfished spots, especially for tracking Zander.

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Finesses are often used for vertical and pelagic techniques. As always, soft baits mentioned above must be equipped with a jig head and must be adapted to the water column you are prospecting. Some other soft lures show effectiveness on bass fishing, such as plastic worms and other creatures, and are often equipped on the drop shots rig or Texas rig.

 The best fishing lure: Which hard bait?

The real advantage of hard baits is the efficiency once a fisherman tries a new fishing spot. From the surface to 6 meters deep, there is always a lure that fits perfectly in the water column you are fishing. Firstly, there are the surface lures. Only for topwater fishing its targets are the active fish hunting for prey to run after.

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For its versatility, the stick bait is the best fit for catching most species especially part and bass. Stickbaits, work by twitches for better attractivity. Lower to the water column, there are shallow runners baits. The best one is the jerkbait minnow which catches any species and any size. Its attractivity comes from twitching the lure or as it is called from jerking it.

Last but not least, hard lure that works from one meter death two over 5 metres for the deepest one, the crankbait is the best lure especially for prospecting a spot. You simply have to cast and retrieve it at the maximum distance range

The best lure: Which metallic bait?

Blades are also a very effective bait as it sends flash signals and loud vibrations far away. The very well-known spoon is an old artificial lure but has always been catching fish and is for sure the most versatile metallic bait. There are two types of spoons: spinners and spoons. Nowadays, more specific bladed lures are on the market.

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Such as the spinnerbaits with its skirt. It has the ability to go through weeds and tap on branches avoiding most of snags. It is very common to add a trailer like a shad or a finesse shad to add more volume. But the most recent bladed lure is the chatterbait with a very specific blade that sends out very loud vibrations and showed its efficiency for bass and Pike. I also recommend adding a trailer, not a paddle tail shad but a twist or a finesse will fit perfectly.

Soft baits, hard baits, or metallic lures, all of them have their utility and will prove their efficiency during the year. If you start fishing, soft baits and metallic lures will help you to cover every water column and catch your first fish. During your fishing moments, you will gain your own experience and make your choice about what is the best lure to tie on your line.