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Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN
  • Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN
  • Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN
  • Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN

Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN

  • Size: 72 mm
  • Weight : 19.5 gr
  • Density: Floating
  • Depth: 2.3~2.75 meters
  • Hooks: Treble Hooks #4
  • Color: HGW-KUROKIN
  • Target Species: Pike, Zander, Perch, Black bass, Catfish
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-LD-WRC72-HKN

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Floating Crankbait WARP CRANK 72 HGW-KUROKIN

Proud to announce the long-awaited release of the Warp Crank, a deep diver model with unusual performance. Built around an almost straight bill, the responsiveness of this lure is great, allowing quick reactions. Unlike standard long lip crankbaits, the Warp is capable of rapid acceleration without excessive "dragging" in the rod.

Belonging to the Deep diver category, the Warp crank has all the advantages of deep divers without the disadvantages! The Warp bill has an elongated and straight profile. Four perforations allow the free flow of water to dive quickly without ever "pulling" on the rod too much. The result: a deep diver that works easily without getting tired!

Operating at the slowest recovery speeds, the Warp adopts a tight rolling action, oscillating its sides in a natural way. It produces a medium to high-pitched sound, ideal for fishing zander, big perch, black-bass and big pike. On the performance side, it flies straight up in the air and quickly descends to the bottom on the first turn of the handle. Its maximum depth is between 3.5 and 4 meters. Due to its low "drag" in the rod, in the deepest areas the fisherman can submerge the tip of the rod to access deeper water without difficulty.

Crankbait best lure crank linear stop and go bottom taping diving diver surface zander pike winter perch black bass catfish

The Warp adopts an electrical behavior of a small roach in flight mid-depth and near the bottom according to the speed of recovery. For a Deep diving crankbait category lure (large diver crankbait) it is a genius for fast fishing without pulling too much in the rod. This point makes it a first choice lure for all approaches requiring rapid exploration with maximum comfort. In fact it pulls so little in the rod that we sometimes forget that it is a big crankbait. To exploit it to the best of its abilities, a casting set up with a regular action is ideal!

Once the lip is in contact with the bottom, whether in medium or fast linear, the lip protects the hooks from obstacles to offer efficient action! It is indeed a cascade sequence that the Warp executes by bouncing on the obstacles without snagging which gives the impression of an agile mouse running in all directions! It is precisely this original swimming action that manages to push the most seasoned predators to other crankbaits.

On the casting side, it launches very well from a casting combo spooled with 28/100e nylon to reach distances of 30/35 meters. This makes the Warp Crank a model of its kind for prospecting by boat, float tube or from the bank thanks to the casting distances.

Crankbait best lure crank linear stop and go bottom taping diving diver surface zander pike winter perch black bass catfish

Hgw-Kurokin emits gold / golden light flashes. The angler uses this color to target fish in sunny weather. This colorway presents a nice contrast against a clear sky. The rays of the sun enhance the golden reflections, making the lure visible from afar by predators. It is an excellent choice on overcast days. For the DSF staff, we are a fan of this color! If there was only one color left, it would be HGW-Kurokin without hesitation!

The Warp is an ultra-versatile and multi-predator deep diver crankbait that offers great fishing comfort thanks to its low "draft" in the rod. This allows slow to fast retrieved and this without ever dropping out of its trajectory. A summary of precision and efficiency to discover urgently.

Whatever the weather conditions, water temperature and barometric change, if there is one solid tool you can rely on it is the Warp. Discover without delay this marvel for cranking! You have been warned to try it is to take the risk of never looking at other cranks the same way again!

72 mm
19.5 G
2 Treble Hooks #4
Target Species
Wels Catfish
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Stop & go
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Lead free
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