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Floating Jerkbait Lure ACE MINNOW 108
  • Floating Jerkbait Lure ACE MINNOW 108
  • Floating Jerkbait Lure ACE MINNOW 108

Floating Jerkbait Lure ACE MINNOW 108

  • Size: 108 mm
  • Weight: 11.5 gr
  • Density: Floating
  • Depth: 0.80~1.60 meters
  • Hooks: 3 Treble hooks BKK #8 BN
  • Target Species: Pike, Black-bass, Perch
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-LD-ACM108

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Floating Jerkbait Lure ACE MINNOW 108

Digit-Lure is proud to present the release of the Ace Minnow 108(F): the latest Digital Squad Fishing lure.

This elegant jerkbait minnow has everything it takes to become a multi-predator standard in all fishing conditions! With a straight retrieve, it reveals a classy and very fluid natural swimming action.

It is easily mistaken by game fish for a real and natural bait fish such as bleak or shad with a simple straight retrieve. 

Its ability to hold a very straight trajectory at high speed triggers reaction strikes from inactive fish. With a stop and go retrieve, it rises to the surface, perfectly mimicking a frightened bleak.

Short twitches with a semi-slack linewill create subtle side to side action. This is one of the secrets of the Ace minnow to trigger the most inactive predators. We witness a disordered prey alternating left and right movement using small short twitches.

For fishing in cold waters, throw it long distance, to retrieve it with a series of small short pulls with pause. In this way, it descends deeper, fully covering every inch of your fishing area. This approach allows it to catch inactive fish.

To work this swimming action, use your reel only to recover the slack of the line, this after each pull (twitch) in order to stay in contact with it.

What is surprising about this jerkbait minnow is its ability to swim at the slowest and fastest recovery speeds! In super slow recovery, it reveals a subtle swim borrowed from a natural and attractive rolling.

On the saltwater side, the Ace Minnow is not to be outdone, where a retrieve is made up of small pulls (twitch) of 15 to 25 cms is excellent for triggering bass. When bites are few, a fast rod tip up retrieve creates an erratic tremor on itself!

Make no mistake about it, under one of the most classic bodywork hides one of the most versatile lures of great technicality!

108 mm
11.5 G
3 Treble hooks BKK #8 BN
Target Species
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Stop & go
Twitching (twitch)
Lead free
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