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DRIVING SHAD 4 | Soft lure
  • DRIVING SHAD 4 | Soft lure
  • DRIVING SHAD 4 | Soft lure

DRIVING SHAD 4 | Soft lure

  • Size: 4"
  • Fish target: perch, zander, pike
  • 6 units per zip
  • Fresh Shrimp formula

Reference: DS-LS-DVS4

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Soft lure DRIVING SHAD 4

All the DSF staff is proud to announce the official release of the Driving shad in 4 inches size ! Designed in the spirit of a slender prey and with a realistic oval section, it is an ace for fine and technical fishing.

After many tests, you will finally discover in this final version the cocktail of hardness / texture and smell that all our DSF staff has validated. The Driving has a "diamond" profile and has the ability to catch fish easily and in all techniques. Our wish was to propose a flexible standard so that any fisherman can easily catch fish according to his area.

We decided on this compromise of rubber hardness index halfway between the tonic and the very soft to present a resistant rubber, full of qualities for fishing. The first thing we notice when we dip it is its great ease of animation where in all the situations it seems "wedged on a rail" by keeping a super fluid trajectory.

It has a "metronome" and attractive rolling action at the same time as its natural caudal flapping. On a 0 / 10 gr spinning set and equipped with a 7gr lead head, you can make it do absolutely everything you want and with a lot of pleasure! Linear fishing, stop and go, sawtooth, bottom hopping, cranking...

This small shad was developed to keep a tail action during the descent, semi-tensioned braid which is the keystone of the Driving Shad. Its rather dense rubber, finely adapted to its geometry, offers an excellent "longevity" ratio for pike fishing. This soft formula gives it a very racy and unique swimming action.

Always on a 7gr lead head, it is very pleasant in soft fishing composed of pulling / releasing where it remains in action until it makes contact with the bottom. A slow retrieve near the bottom, cranking, with the tip of the rod close to the surface, reveals an efficient soft lure with a very regular swimming action. This allows the lure to cover large areas when the fish are scattered.

The Driving shad is not in rest either for the fishing in congested zone! Choose a Texan lead head with a wide gap to avoid missing fish with timid attacks. Just drop the lure between the obstacles and let it do its work on the way down! This 4 inch size allows the lure to slip between obstacles while remaining attractive between snags and obstacles, home to zander, pike and nice perch. The same magic can be seen on an 18 gr Texan head where the Driving stays on straight lines. The angler only has to put it down against or in the middle of the obstacles and stay concentrated during the first run where the touch intervenes systematically.

The Driving shad 4 inches is also a great challenger for river fishing or in the presence of current. It becomes master of the game thanks to its half-toned and half-supple rubber which avoids saturation in the strongest currents. The result is a fluid and natural presentation close to the bottom for vertical fishing. The hardness of its rubber makes it even more diabolical on a 21 gr lead head, presenting a sexy line with a very characteristic caudal flapping. You have in your hands a brilliant model for vertical prospecting, precise, like zander fishing.

Don't be fooled! This shad with its specific profile is a real machine that needs little work to catch all our predators. The Driving shad 4 is likely to bring you your most beautiful outings in all techniques, to discover very quickly!

6 units
Target Species
Wels Catfish
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