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Soft Bait DOZ SHAD 5.3" HALF AYU
  • Soft Bait DOZ SHAD 5.3" HALF AYU
  • Soft Bait DOZ SHAD 5.3" HALF AYU
  • Soft Bait DOZ SHAD 5.3" HALF AYU

Soft Bait DOZ SHAD 5.3" HALF AYU

  • Size: 5.3"
  • Fish target: Pike, zander, black-bass, big perch, wels catfish and bass
  • Color: HALF AYU
  • 3 units per zip

Reference: DS-LS-DOS53-HAY

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Soft bait DOZ SHAD 5.3'' HALF AYU

Digit lure is pleased to introduce the DOZ SHAD 5.3 inch from our DSF brand. A soft shad lure specifically designed to present a nice prey size with a natural look and subtle yet sensitive tail action.

It is the perfect swimbait to select the bigger fish often educated with lures too soft or too mobile. Its pronounced V profile gives it a nice swimming action characterized by a natural rolling action not too pronounced so as not to scare off of wild fish or those used to other classic swimbaits.

The 5.3'' Doz Shad is an excellent choice for covering large expanse of water to track down big zander, pike but also catfish in warm waters, trophy black bass and of course sea bass with a preference for fishing in calm weather.

soft lure doz shad best lures vertical fishing linear zander pike perch catfish black bass

For vertical fishing, it is prodigious on difficult fishes, thanks to its subtle tail action (paddle) which starts at low speed without moving too much water. The result is a cocktail that is effective for selecting the biggest predators that are often trained on conventional lures but also for prospecting in cold and/or clear water.

The Half Ayu soft lure color is a natural standard from the Japanese baitfish (ayu) that covers most water colors and fishing situations encountered in our waters. The paddle is subtly UV reactive to allow the fish to adjust their strike at the last moment.

The Doz Shad 5.3" is different from its competitors thanks to its volume, which is very discreet in the water, offering a very natural presentation that will be of great help when the more "flashy" lures don't work.

soft lure shad beater tail paddle vertical linear fishing best lures big pike zander perch

The specifications of this swimbait are based on the search for a natural looking prey, discrete, which is necessary on waters with high fishing pressure where the too obnoxious lures fail on big fish.

By retrieving it at slow to medium speed only the terminal part (tail) comes into action. This way, this nice size prey remains discreet and can blend in most of the fishing environments where the underwater visibility is key leaving no chance for a sloppy presentation, a determining factor for the fishing of apathetic or educated fish.

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