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RC CRANK SQ RE 52 | Shallow Crankbait
  • RC CRANK SQ RE 52 | Shallow Crankbait
  • RC CRANK SQ RE 52 | Shallow Crankbait

RC CRANK SQ RE 52 | Shallow Crankbait

  • Size: 52 mm
  • Weight: 10.8G
  • Density: Floating
  • Swimming depth: 0.80~1.00 meter
  • Hooks: Trebles BKK N°6 NP
  • Target species: pike, black bass, zander

Reference: RC-LD-CRE52

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RC CRANK SQ RACING EDITION 52 | Shallow Crankbait

The RC-CRANK SQ RACING EDITION from RAVENCRAFT is a rattles free crankbait that nevertheless emits a slight noise from its mass transfer. The RACING EDITION version is fitted with BKK NP Nickel plated size 6 Ultra antirust hooks specially designed for freshwater bass fishing.

It typically develops a low frequency tone well known for attacking pike, beautiful black bass and zander. The RC-CRANK SQ has virtually no drag on the rod, making it a pleasure to use for long fishing trips.

The entire DSF staff would recommend a 7-21gr spinning or casting power pack to get the most out of this rod. The RC-CRANK SQ has a fairly tight wobbling action with a swimming depth of close to one metre. With a stop-and-go rhythm, it rises quite slowly during the pause in a natural way and reveals a super sexy wobbling on restart.

The RC-CRANK SQ is a real genius when it comes to attracting most predators. It shines for its ease of use and top-of-the-range finish. You just have to see it come into contact with an obstacle to take off in another direction: a noble model with a sexy look that stands out thanks to its well-honed mechanics.

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