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Best lures for zander: how to use them?

Best Lures: some soft lures shad associated with the right fishing techniques and fishing speed. In the menu selection of the best lures, we distinguish a type of lure by category (hard lures, soft lures, metal). Zander is a predator fish (Stizostedion lucioperca) that lives in freshwater. It is a night predator because of its great visual senses and great sensitivity to vibrations and scents detection.
The best lures are often used in a low-speed retrieve when they are in a negative mood. A soft lure technique called "bottom hopping” gives good results. We adapt the selection of the fishing rods used, to the fast or extra fast action to optimize the sensitivity of light bites. Unlike pike, zander cannot cut the line, which allows very fine fishing, selected at the water's edge. The classic combo soft swimbait rigged on a jig head is probably the most versatile lure application for zander. Some hard baits are also among the best weapons for zander fishing in shallow to medium depths.

Vertical fishing for zander with the best soft lures

First of all, it is a technique best practiced from a float tube or a boat, the use of electronics saves time to locate the best spots for zander. For fishing in enclosed waters such as ponds, lakes, and canals, the boat is moved by a trolling motor or naturally with the wind. If you decide to fish in moving water such as rivers, you can use the current to move the lure and adjust your drift with the electric motor. In this type of fishing, the best soft lures for zander are paddle tail shad and finesse shad. The idea is to have several rods rigged: some with different types of shad and other rods mounted with several sizes of finesse shad. When the bite is tough, we alternate different offerings: heavy paddle tail vibrations and then a more natural approach with a  finesse shad. Sometimes, when fish seemingly disappear, the best lure action called  “do-nothing” is the most effective. It consists of keeping the lure off the bottom without doing anything with the rod. A trick when fishing for zander with moody fish is to decrease the weight of the jig head to optimize a light presentation. This is to avoid any resistance from wary zander when the lure is taken in its mouth, it’s key for light bites. Zander caught is not random thing, small lure is well known to be effective on this fish species, so now let's choose the best lure for angler choice to be efficient! In conclusion, by alternating vertical fishing with a shad finesse and paddle tail on ledges and drops we can always find active fish.

Zander fishing with hard lures / hardbaits : which are the best ?

First of all, zander fishing is very effective with hard lures because of the speed of exploration that it allows. There are different types of hard lures called jerkbait minnow. The jerkbait minnow is retrieved in linear or stops and go (linear with pause). We favor fishing along the obstacles where zander is hiding. When the water is warm, the metabolism of zander is accelerated, it digests faster and consumes more fish but of small size. This is a time when the best hard lures are small: from 60 to 75 millimeters. With a jerkbait minnow suspending you can quickly locate the depth where the summer fish are, off the bottom. Another type of jerkbait minnow, called a longbill minnow, has a slender, longline prey shape. It is equipped with a long bill to reach the deepest water. It is ideal for a fast search bait of the ledges. Another type of lure from the hard lure family, called crankbait offers different diving depths. These lures are equipped with different sized and shaped bills to access the desired water depth.

Among the best crankbaits for zander, the medium and deep diver models are ideal for covering the middle and deepest water depth, where most fish live. It is wise to carry a few silent crankbaits to make the difference in the most pressured zones. Indeed zander has a disconcerting facility to be educated with the sound of the noisy balls called rattles. In the last position is a lure without a lip, designed for fishing close to the bottom. This category is called lipless crankbait or vibrating lure, designed for fast fishing from a boat or the shore. In conclusion, the family of hard lures should not be neglected to find the best lure for zander fishing, you just need to have a large collection to pick the right tool at the right time.