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Leurre dur swimbait

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Hard swimbait lures: articulated, floating, sinking.

Hard swimbait lure: this type of lure can be articulated or not and offers different densities (floating, suspending and sinking).

The largest models join the category of large lures classically known as "big bait" lures for pike.

However, many French anglers are still reluctant to take the plunge and use these big lures, which allow them to "sort out" the size of the predators they are targeting.

In this category of hard lures typically designed for pike and black-bass record there are articulated models that provide additional swimming fluidity.

Don't be fooled into thinking that a joint is necessary for this type of lure to offer a true mimicry! There are traditional models with or without joints that offer a striking sinusoidal swimming action. 

Hard swimbaits: how to fish well and when to use them?

Firstly, the basis of this type of fishing is the equipment used to propel these heavy lures without difficulty.

The length of the rod, often cast as it is more comfortable for this type of fishing, determines whether you are fishing from the shore or from a boat. A size of 2.15 / 2.20 is a good compromise for those looking for a happy medium that allows them to operate both from the shore and from a boat / float tube.

Choosing the right line body is also the start of your success: it must allow you to cast longer distances but also be able to cope with abrasion and fight big fish.

Often, a simple nylon line will provide comfort and additional elasticity during a fight with a big pike, helping to 'erase' hesitant fighting movements.

As for braid, it is superior for extending casting distances, especially for those who practice hard swimbaiting from the shore most of the time.

It's a good idea to have a range of lure colours and densities to cope with all the fishing situations you'll encounter on the water.

This type of lure is used when you are in the presence of big fish or simply to keep small fish out of your catches.

When it comes to swimming mechanics, different lure animations are used depending on the properties of the hard swimbait and the mood of the fish!

The basic animation for success in this type of fishing is linear fishing with or without a pause (stop & go).

It shows the progress of the prey on the move, pausing to reproduce the search for food or lost prey.

These signals are revealing to carnivores who target these "easy" prey as a priority for their energy supply.

What fish can you catch with a hard swimbait? 

First of all, this mythical lure, overused by specimen anglers, is primarily aimed at pike.

However, there are many situations where it can be great fun to use it to fish for catfish and large black bass.

For pike, it's the lure of choice for power fishing along breaks and deep in lakes.

It is used all year round, although there is a peak in its use by anglers in the depths of winter. This is the feeding season for pike, which reduce their hunting and concentrate on large prey to optimise their movement/energy ratio.

In shallow areas, a hard swimbait is unbeatable for catfish sport fishing! May/June is the breeding season for white fish such as roach and bream, which congregate along the banks.

It's a great time to fish for catfish with a swimbait on a river, with real explosions as the catfish come to hunt along the banks.

In the end, a hard swimbait is a formidable weapon - as with other techniques, you just need to perfect your approach to succeed!