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WHALE FALL 137 | Jointed Swimbait Lure
  • WHALE FALL 137 | Jointed Swimbait Lure

WHALE FALL 137 | Jointed Swimbait Lure

  • Height: 137 mm
  • Weight: 26G
  • Density: Slow Floating/Flutter Sinking depending on colour
  • Swimming depth: 0.80~2.00 meters
  • Hooks: ICHIKAWA N°4 treble hooks
  • Lure for fishing: black bass, perch, zander, pike

Reference: RC-LD-WF137

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WHALE FALL 137 | Jointed Swimbait Lure

The Whale Fall 137 from RAVENCRAFT is a sublime articulated swimbait with a perfect finish! It has a matt finish and a smooth surface with no scales to give a harmonious presentation to our predators.

In flutter sinking density it takes 10 seconds to sink close to 2 meters which represents a descent of 5 seconds per meter covered! The Whale Fall casts very well and is not very heavy, making it a pleasure to use.

When recovered in a straight line, it has a totally crazy and absolutely magnificent natural S-shaped stroke! Taking a break lets it sink slightly under the water. The best way to use this lure is to cast it, let it sink for 5 or 6 seconds and then retrieve it with 3 turns of the crank.

This is the lure of choice when fishing for pike over weed beds, but also for stalking big perch and black bass. The DSF staff advise you to retrieve the Whale Fall scion slowly close to the surface so that it doesn't rise too quickly. Its sinuous swimming action is dazzling and apart from a slight click from its fixed mass the lure has no sound to reinforce its natural approach.

A pear-shaped sinker can be added to the front triple to extend the casting distance and give the lure a rolling action on the way down. This super attractive descent where the lure appears very realistic lets it undulate almost flat, head tilted slightly downwards to present its sides alternately.

With this mechanism, the Whale Fall also causes its tail to swivel from right to left during the descent. This allows the lure to swerve a little wider, showing its belly more than its sides.

To secure the side fins of the lure we recommend that you glue them in place with a drop of cyanoacrylate glue.

An exceptional model for exceptional predators!

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