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DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure
  • DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure
  • DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure
  • DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure
  • DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure

DOZ SHAD 4" | Zander soft lure

  • Size: 4"
  • Fish target: Pike, zander, black-bass, big perch, wels catfish and bass
  • 5 units per zip

Reference: DS-LS-DOS4

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Soft bait DOZ SHAD 4''

Here is the Doz Shad 4 inches, the most anticipated size of these latest lure novelties! Natural profile, its finely tuned geometry makes it a prodigy for ultra technical or fine fishing when all other shads fail with their too classic/rough approach. If you are a fan of catching predatory fish where fishermen keep failing, you have found THE absolute contender! you just have to see how it swims at low speed vertically to understand the enormous potential of this little marvel.

What is striking at first sight about this little shad is its delicacy and sharp geometry to play with the slightest movement of water. It presents a natural descent with tail flapping like a butterfly, very naturally! This approach is formidable on wary or apathetic fish where the fisherman needs a lure that does not move a lot of water but is active at the slightest movement.

On a stop and go recovery the Doz Shad 4 fishes with precision every centimeter of the water column. By alternating with recovery at normal speed, its mechanics consist of 15% discreet rolling and 85% natural movements. For suspended fish or on sunny days, it offers a subtle rolling at medium speed. During its movement its tail flutters naturally and above all without effort.

All these primary qualities make the Doz shad 4 an excellent choice for fishing black-bass, pike, perch in a shallow zone. As such it is an excellent tool for pelagic fishing thanks to its soft recovery which does not pull too much on the rod while still sending a positive feedback. This allows it to move easily, sometimes even quickly when necessary, on following fish, without leaving its swimming path.


If we opt for a vertical approach, it presents a small natural prey with a tail action that is very easily triggered by the slightest movement. This makes the Doz 4 a Rolls for fishing difficult zander or for all types of water.

For delicate fishing, the underweight allows for a neat approach while remaining attractive thanks to its natural tail flap which does not displace a lot of water. This last quality allows it to stay longer in the strike zone or in sight of predators on the hunt. The Doz Shad 4 is the ideal lure to insist on a spot or carefully prospect in stop and go or linear new areas.

This gifted little boy is brilliantly ridden in drop shot, coming to life at the slightest jiggle of the line. In action you will quickly realize its potential where it is difficult to distinguish it from a real roach. Always in drop shot, taut line, its subtle geometry displacing little water retains its natural tail flapping at the slightest line pulls. 

If you have to prospect "wide" over large areas in linear fishing, the Doz 4 is simply amazing in terms of imitation of a roach swimming halfway up the water. A long range linear retrieve on a drop shot rig further increases its realism, moving head slightly down due to the angle of the line. For drop shot specialists, without moving the lead from the bottom, a bump makes it gracefully undulate the paddle and its connection. At the break he slowly descends to the bottom like a prey in agony. 

Many fishermen were waiting for it or imagined this little shad capable of not moving too much water to crack these big fish which turn down other lures. Beneath its deceptive shad "déjà-vu" appearance hides a very attractive geometry thanks to its perfectly tuned stroke. Everything suits him round jig head, small football, drop shot rig, to try it is to take the risk of never wanting to fish with anything other than the 4 inch Doz Shad again. A must have!

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