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LAUNCHER X 68 | Longbill Minnow Jerkbait Lure
  • LAUNCHER X 68 | Longbill Minnow Jerkbait Lure

LAUNCHER X 68 | Longbill Minnow Jerkbait Lure

  • Size: 68 mm
  • Weight: 10.6G
  • Density: Slow floating
  • Depth: 0.80~3.00 meters
  • Hooks: Trebles BKK N°6 NP
  • Target species: black bass, perch, zander, pike

Reference: RC-LD-LCX68

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LAUNCHER X 68 | Longbill Minnow Jerkbait Lure

DIGITAL SQUAD presents the Launcher X from RAVENCRAFT, a lure with an exemplary finish featuring a single mass transfer ball.

The Launcher X emits a super crystalline sound thanks to a single glass ball positioned at the level of the triple front in the belly. When paused, the Launcher X stands almost vertically head down, which is very interesting when fishing close to the bottom, simulating feeding prey.

The Launcher X casts extremely well with a 5-18 g power rod, giving super casting distances. It descends without forcing to a depth of 2m on the first turn of the crank. To flirt with depths of up to 3m, keep the rod tip at the surface of the water.

Launcher X is pleasant to use because it pulls very little on the rod. Using a slow linear retrieve, it gradually descends into the water to explore all levels until it makes contact with the bottom of its tip. This makes this longbill absolutely dazzling!

One of the secrets of the animation consists of a recovery until you feel the bottom, then a stop-and-go sequence with a little acceleration each time the Launcher X is restarted. This gives the impression of prey running along the bottom, changing direction every other time. This reinforces the impression of panicked prey, pursued by a carnivore ideal for driving the beautiful pike-perch to attack.

The Launcher X is a trap for big perch or winter black bass on slow technical fishing close to the bottom. Underneath its flawless looks lies a technical lure that's super fun to use. The Launcher X can quickly become a terror on pike-perch in clean or congested areas thanks to its lip which acts as a deflector allowing it to fish accurately through obstacles without snagging.

It's advisable to pause for a while and then twitch once or twice at a distance of 20 to 35 cm from the tip of the rod. This will make the rod even more electric and cause it to make sudden and brutal changes of direction.

The Launcher X is an unstoppable multi-predators cocktail for winter fishing and more particularly for pike-perch all year round whatever the area. The size of the Launcher X makes it ideal for pike-perch, black-bass, big perch and winter pike!

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