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COBALT VIB 72 | Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure
  • COBALT VIB 72 | Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure
  • COBALT VIB 72 | Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure
  • COBALT VIB 72 | Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure

COBALT VIB 72 | Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure

  • Size: 72 mm
  • Weight : 21.5 gr
  • Density: Sinking
  • Sinking speed: 1m/1.5s
  • Hooks: Treble Hook #6 BKK BN
  • Target Species: Zander, Perch, Black-bass and Sea Bass 
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-LD-CBV72

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Sinking Lipless Crankbait Lure COBALT VIB 72

Here is the Cobalt VIB DSF (Digital Squad Fishing)! A lipless crankbait with an original mechanic (slowed down rolling). It is the lure to have when the conditions are calm and sometimes difficult on fish not inclined to attack vibrations sinking too fast or with a lack of natural action. Its ability to adapt to different retrieve speeds is amazing: on a slow retrieve it has a natural S shape which turns into a tight wobble when accelerating the retrieve.

Insistent and precise vertical fishing, pelagic fishing for predators suspended in the water column, long distance retrieve with a natural presentation, "pull and drop" over cover, so many situations in which the cobalt vib will get you ahead of the game!

The Cobalt Vib is a lipless crankbait / vibration lure with a low frequency sound producing a unique metallic snap that sets it apart from its competition. Its reduced size of 72mm makes it a versatile multi-predator / multi-condition fishing lure, not to mention its weight of 21.5gr which boosts long-distance casting.


Make no mistake about it, its density is not synonymous with a too fast descent as we are used to seeing on this type of lure, quite the contrary! It offers an original wobbling descent with a sink rate of 1.5 seconds per meter. This allows the lure to fish in most of the fishing conditions encountered: linear mid-depth, bottom contact, stop and go over vegetation, and vertical fishing.

The Cobalt Vib is very adaptable to the different recovery speeds used. On a slow crawl, it reveals a subtle, very natural S-shaped wobbling, ideal for presentation on pressured fish. Conversely, with a sustained recovery, we see the center of gravity of the Cobalt Vib cause a tight and attractive action.

The strength of the Cobalt Vib, with a fast retrieve, is to send a positive feedback in the rod without pulling too much in the tip. Its descent is its competitive advantage: a natural wobbling ideal for triggering attacks on the descent or near the bottom.

Sinking at about 2 meters in 3 seconds, by counting down the number of seconds the angler can quickly identify the depth of water where the fish are located and continue to probe the right fishing depth. It is also a method to know precisely at what depth the lure is running.

During the pauses, it sinks in a random and unpredictable direction that makes the difference on fish pressured with more classic lures, presenting unpredictable behavior to the eyes of predators. The Cobalt Vib presents this random action when paused on medium and long distance fishing, which makes it a weapon of choice for demanding fish.

For bottom contact, in clear waters, it sinks and positions itself systematically in a natural way, head down, like a baitfish feeding. It also has its place in the tackle box of bass and sea bass fishermen on medium and long distance fishing rigged on light to medium light power rod. A plethora of linear and traction with its parachute effect on the descent will quickly make you aware of its potential.

For pike, black bass and perch fishing, the Cobalt Vib excels in linear retrieve just after it hits the water, to explore shallow waters. This lipless is super versatile due to its unique action and sound, as well as its unconventional descent on this type of lure, a lure that will make you (re)discover lipless crankbait fishing!

72 mm
21.8 gr
Treble Hook #6 BKK BN
Target Species
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Bottom Hopping
Stop & go
Lead free
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