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SPIRAL BLADE 16 | Casting Jig Lure
  • SPIRAL BLADE 16 | Casting Jig Lure

SPIRAL BLADE 16 | Casting Jig Lure

  • Size: 65 mm
  • Weight: 16G
  • Density: Sinking
  • Hooks: Treble BKK N°6 CD and single BKK N°10 BT
  • Lure for fishing zander, catfish, bass and wolffish.

Reference: RC-MT-SPB65

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SPIRAL BLADE 16 | Casting Jig Lure

The DIGITAL SQUAD FISHING team would like to introduce you to a newcomer: the Spiral Blade from RAVENCRAFT! Its sexy descent puts the lure flat to reach the bottom in a horizontal position through a succession of right/left turns.

The Spiral Blade 16gr is a great lure for river fishing for zander and catfish. The great secret of this range of metal jigs lies in its disordered phases with a slow descent.

For sea fishing, once you've made contact with the bottom, you pull back 50 cm to repeat the operation. Sea bass, sea bream, dentex, they all love it! The 16g Spiral covers around 2m every 2.8 to 3 seconds, making it a superbly versatile lure for freshwater and sea fishing!

One of the Spiral's strengths is that it has the same fish details and eye signal on both sides of the jig. This means you can keep the presentation of small fish whatever the angle of presentation of the jig during the descent and make the difference on difficult fish.

It also excels with a stop-and-go approach, starting from the bottom and pausing halfway down to drop insistently back to the bottom. The advantage of the Spiral is that it can be fished in all conditions, even in strong winds, and don't forget that thanks to its density it can be propelled a long way!

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