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KUKRI BLADE 9 | Lure Blade Zander
  • KUKRI BLADE 9 | Lure Blade Zander

KUKRI BLADE 9 | Lure Blade Zander

  • Size: 46 mm
  • Weight: 9G
  • Density: Sinking
  • Hooks: Treble Hooks BKK N°10 NP
  • Target species: black bass, perch, zander

Reference: RC-MT-KKB46

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KUKRI BLADE 9 | Lure Blade Zander

DSF Staff would like to introduce you to the KUKRI BLADE from RAVENCRAFT, a magnificent vibrating blade with a very special centre of gravity. Equipped with two line attachment holes, it has a main ventral weight located at the level of the triple front. The result of this ingenious balance is a sublime swim where the KUKRI BLADE moves naturally at a 70° angle with its head pointing downwards.

This natural appearance helps to overcome the natural suspicion of the most beautiful fish such as pike perch and big perch used to the classic actions of other vibrating blades. During the retrieve the KUKRI BLADE executes a highly attractive millimetre rolling "metronome" action, leaving in its wake vibratory frequencies that will not leave most predators unmoved for long.

The great strength of the KUKRI BLADE is that it adapts its vibration frequencies/swimming action according to your retrieve speed on the reel, making it easy to adapt to different fishing conditions. With its classic vertical jigging action, the KUKRI BLADE is a real live electric lure with a natural rolling action that is minimalist and fast each time the lure is retrieved. During the retrieve phase the lure emits large flashes of light from its metal sides to beat the retrieve from a distance.

The lure's main mass allows it to sink quickly and plumb, making it a quiet force for vertical fishing for pike perch and other predators when the water gets cold. It's also a great tool for fishing in deep areas and/or with currents, particularly in rivers for pike perch but also for catfish which love this mini bite. As we all know, over time big trophy fish (including catfish) have become very used to big lures in their hunting/resting areas, particularly in rivers!

Play with the two attachment rings to offer a presentation and complementary vibrations to adapt to the fishing conditions. An exceptional little vibrating blade to be used without moderation all year round: the tool of choice when no other lure will work!

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