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BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait
  • BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait
  • BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait
  • BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait
  • BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait
  • BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait

BATTLE CRAW 5.5 | Crawfish Softbait

  • Size: 5.5"
  • Fish target: pike, zander, black bass, record perch and catfish
  • 3 units per pack with rattles

Reference: DS-LS-BTC55

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Crawfish Softbait BATTLE CRAW 5.5

Digit lure is proud to present the Battle craw 5.5 from Digital Squad Fishing! This new release is amazingly realistic and efficient. Inspired by aquatic creatures and crayfish found at the water's edge, we matched that with the DSF graphic styling. This crayfish has four lateral legs that emit subtle vibrations when the water moves. In addition, there are two massive legs that stir up the substrate when dragging on the bottom.

Most predators, such as zander and black bass, can spend more than 80% of their diet on crayfish when they are present in large numbers in the water or river. Crayfish are a source of protein for carnivorous fish, which can be found near the bottom of the river, sometimes even swimming when they are on the move. During the first tests our staff realized its great potential for fishing for big pike, sometimes in the middle of the summer under an overwhelming heat. Indeed the crayfish, in the heart of the summer knows its strongest peak of activity, the fish are never far away!

The main mass of the battle craw is located on its body, composed of prominent angles while respecting a harmony of curves to get closer to the organic details of a real craw (crayfish). Also the presence of a sound signature by the addition of small glass rattles (noisy balls), placed in the claws of the lure.

On many occasions we have noticed a supremacy on this soft lure for the stalking of big zanders and trophy pike from May to October, when no other lure was working. This medium/high frequency, emitted by the rattles is key! We have the possibility, in the absence of a hit, to remove the glass ball tubes in the clamps to try and put them back in order to compare the effectiveness of the battle craw at the time of fishing.

soft lure crayfish pike black bass zander pelagic Battle craw

You have an ultra versatile lure, capable of being silent or noisy, ideal for fishing close to the bottom or on a Texas rig thanks to the back slot.

It is a soft lure that has won us many catfish of all sizes in enclosed waters, it is likely to shine also on rivers (like the Rhone, the Loire, the Saône).

At the designing stage, we remembered the quivering of the crayfish's lower legs during their movement. This is what justifies the positioning of 3 inverted legs, wriggling at the slightest pull of the angler. The animations with the rod reinforce its realism. The ratio flexibility / strength of the rubber is optimized, it is possible to catch several fish with a discreet and effective presentation without leading to a premature tearing of the lure: tested and approved on the water, you will be surprised by its resistance!

For our staff it has become the flagship soft lure for catching big fish in all waters, with the battle craw you are ready to battle the sharpest jaws in your fishing spots.

3 units
Target Species
Wels Catfish
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Bottom Hopping
Stop & go
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