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GHOST PINION 95 | Pike Crawler Lure
  • GHOST PINION 95 | Pike Crawler Lure

GHOST PINION 95 | Pike Crawler Lure

  • Size: 95 mm
  • Weight: 32.5G
  • Density: Floating
  • Hooks: Treble hooks ICHIKAWA N°6
  • Target species: black bass, perch, pike

Reference: RC-LD-GPN95

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GHOST PINION 95 | Pike Crawler Lure

Proud to present the Ghost Pinion 95 from RAVENCRAFT: a lure of extraordinary beauty and mechanics! Realistic in appearance, it has a superb finish with plenty of detail and a beautiful eye signal.

The big brother of the Ghost Pinion 75, if you're using this lure on pike don't hesitate to replace the original clip.

Just observing its linear progression on the surface is enough to understand the potential of the Ghost Pinion. Changes in retrieve speed also modulate the tones of the fluid sound it emits from its wings as it flaps along the surface. In action, it sounds like a little bat stranded on the surface!

Fitted with a spoon-like blade at the end, it operates at the slowest recovery speeds, where it is positioned at 45° and turns on itself when accelerated. The swimming action is completely insane and terribly effective. The Ghost Pinion is a lure worth its weight in gold for surface fishing for pike, black bass and big perch. One of its secrets lies in the "metronome" melody composed by the alternating flap of its wings on the surface of the water!

The result? A unique organic aquatic sound that is still unknown to predators. Two sizes are currently available to adapt to the size of the predator and the prey present in your fishing zone. An exceptional crawler not to be missed!

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