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RC BOMBER 80 | Topwater Popper Lure
  • RC BOMBER 80 | Topwater Popper Lure

RC BOMBER 80 | Topwater Popper Lure

  • Size: 80 mm
  • Weight: 12G
  • Density: Floating
  • Depth: surface
  • Hooks: Trebles BKK N°6 CD
  • Target species: black bass, perch, pike

Reference: RC-LD-BMB80F

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RC BOMBER 80 | Topwater Popper Lure

The RC BOMBER from RAVENCRAFT is a popper with a dazzling finish. It has a beautiful geometry and emits a medium to high frequency sound from its tail. This popper has a sitting position with only its head above eye level. The stop position is very natural and attractive.

In terms of hydrodynamics this lure casts very well, going straight up in the air. The DIGITAL SQUAD staff advise you to work it directly from the reel rather than from the rod. This is to be as accurate as possible, especially if you're fishing at a distance.

Keeping the rod at a 10° angle upwards gives you excellent control over the lure. For shorter fishing distances, move the tip closer to the surface of the water. The RC BOMBER is ideal for slow popper fishing. It reveals one of its secrets with a series of micro pulls/twitches, just as you would in Walking the Dog, to present a tight, zig-zag progression. So you can alternate between pops and a Walking the Dog swim.

To get the most out of this lure, cast from a distance, make one or two pops and then follow up with a Walking the Dog animation over 1 or 2 meters before pausing. A lure with a sublime finish for pike, black bass and perch: don't forget that this is the king of lures for surface fishing in calm weather!

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