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SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig
  • SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig
  • SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig
  • SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig
  • SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig

SLOW DANCER 10G | Mini Slow Jig

  • Size: 37.5 mm
  • Weight : 10 gr
  • Hook: Treble hook #8 BKK BN
  • Target Species: all freshwater predators (asp, pike, zander, perch, black-bass, catfish), light fishing close to the surface at sea (mackerel, bass, bass, etc.)
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-PL-SLD10

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Mini Slow Jig SLOW DANCER 10G

The Slow Dancer is a mini slow jig (jigging spoon) that we developed for technical freshwater fishing when no other lure will work. This is a premium jig casting lure when you need to explore a new area. Simple and effective, it is designed around an internal frame, making it more resistant to the biggest predators when the pull hard in the fight.

We have developed it with a new material replacing the lead which allows to shift its center of gravity! The result is a 10gr lure capable of descending very slowly while fluttering to be spotted from a distance by big pike, perch or black bass.

If I had to keep only one lure to fish any kind of predator in all conditions it would be this mini slow jig SLOW DANCER. Indeed capable of prospecting a slow descent in still water and in river, the subtlety to draw the maximum and to let it go down the water column on semi-slack braid to be ready to strike. Any abnormal behavior such as the displacement of the braid on the side or a slackness in the latter will have to be sanctioned by a hookset.

It was during the test phases when fishing on rocky bottoms that we noticed the hyper efficiency of this lure on zander of all sizes. It is also very useful for fishing in windy conditions when it can be cast to a good distance on a fine braid and a medium or medium-light power rate.

best mini slow jig perch zander pike

Here are the main features of the Slow Dancer for freshwater predators:

Linear prospecting where it flickers on a horizontal plane during the retrieve; ideal technique for suspended fish or the search for perch and pike in the heat of summer or surface feeding action, when they are suspended.

Bottom fishing on different types of bottoms to track zander, a light pull until you get back in contact with the bottom, then repeat: success guaranteed in all waters and seasons on zander!

Cast 3/4 downstream at a great distance, controlling the drift, punctuated by linear retrieve and twitch, a must for asp and big chub.

Subtle finesse fishing close to plant cover, an approach that has no equal in hot weather when pike and big black bass have decided to feed on the fry of the year, no other lure will come close!

Shallow zone in the middle of summer linear / stop & go, an explosive cocktail with a lot of finesse that has already earned us many wels catfish when they are hidden in vegetal cover in the shade.

The fishing in sea light / finesse is not in left behind, particularly for the finesse fishing of the shore or by in boat along the coasts and shallow humps. We propose a mini prey, finesse, with strong reflective power, prey that can not be refused by sea bass. The use of a fine braid and a light / medium light material increases the pleasure of using the Slow Dancer tenfold! Don't forget the through-and-though frame to protect you from any bonus fish like bonito, bluefish or amberjack in calm weather!

Treble hook #8 BKK BN
Target Species
Wels Catfish
How to use this lure (animation, swim action)
Stop & go
Fishing area
Lead free

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