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YY 22 | Finesse Jig Casting Lure
  • YY 22 | Finesse Jig Casting Lure

YY 22 | Finesse Jig Casting Lure

  • Size: 58 mm
  • Weight: 22G
  • Density: Sinking
  • Hooks: BKK N°6 CD Trebles
  • Lure for fishing: black bass, perch, zander, pike

Reference: RC-MT-YY58

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YY 22 | Finesse Jig Casting Lure

A range of jig casting lures, the YY from RAVENCRAFT has a sublime paintwork with curves and a perfect finish. Different sizes are available to suit different predators and environments.

The YY 22gr takes 3 seconds to cover a depth of 2 meters with one where it lies more or less flat to go down alternating right left right left in an unbalanced way. The YY 22gr tends to descend like a small dying fish, tilting its head slightly upwards and its rear end downwards.

On a fast linear retrieve between 2 waters we discover a centre of gravity placed in the middle of the body which allows it to present a rather attractive wobbling resembling a small anchovy or roach. The sides of the lure shine from a distance and the slim head means there is no resistance in the rod when retrieving and jerking.

This allows the YY 22gr to make big splits both vertically and horizontally. This size has a slim silhouette and is ideal for finesse fishing or for jigging in calm sea conditions on bass, wolffish, spinners and paddlefish.

A sublime and versatile lure for fine sea and freshwater fishing with its small fish look.

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