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BUZYBEE 50 | Floating Crankbait
  • BUZYBEE 50 | Floating Crankbait
  • BUZYBEE 50 | Floating Crankbait

BUZYBEE 50 | Floating Crankbait

  • Size: 50 mm
  • Weight: 10.5 gr
  • Density: Floating
  • Depth: 0.80~1.10 meters
  • Hooks: 3 Treble hooks BKK #8 BN
  • Target Species: 
  • Lead free

Reference: DS-LD-BZB50

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Floating Crankbait BUZYBEE 50

The DSF development team presents its latest creation: the Buzybee 50! This little crankbait with its muscular shape has a low frequency slamming sound. This little genius has an oval cutting section armed with a specific rounded lip.

At a slow linear speed the Buzybee is a carnivorous treat keeping its head down as it progresses. Its swimming action offers a natural wobbling action, attacking the fish in its path. Despite its 50 mm size, it moves a lot of water to target the beautiful fish when they are on small preys (bream / roach).

After unanimous validation the DSF pro staff advises you to use it in spinning or casting (fine braid or direct nylon) with a 0 / 18 gr rod with regular fast action. Far from the unnatural "metronomic" lures, the Buzybee draws its originality from a cocktail of marked wobbling, accompanied by subtle side stalls to accentuate its erratic and unpredictable action. This is one of the secrets used by American competitors to outwit the educated big bass.

small crankbait floating crankbait fishing black bass perch trout pike zander buzybee

To get the most out of it, slow to medium speeds are the best where you alternate between stop and go and linear. The staff validates the following approach which is the most effective on the Buzybee: cast at a minimum distance of 20 meters to retrieve, tip close to the surface, in a linear fashion. At this stage it reaches water layers between 1 and 1.20m with a super aggressive wobbling. Take a break to let it go back to the surface and repeat the operation! 

At the break, it moves 1 meter every 4 seconds to reach the surface. Another trick to get the most out of the Buzybee is to accelerate it during a regular recovery. This way its oscillation is electrified and gives the impression to the predators of an escaping prey, the best way to decide the following predators.

The Buzybee wanders like the bumblebee we all know! It circles around you in an excess of noise and disorderly, the predators end up hitting it with the decisive blow. You have in front of you a small crank very realistic adapting to all speeds and type of animations, in short a surgical tool for pike, bass and perch, not to be missed!

50 mm
10.5 G
3 BKK Treble Hooks #8 BN
Target Species
Lead free
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